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Held at: City College, Monterey House, Paradise Road

Thursdays 6.00 - 8.00pm
Our hub is aimed at firstly making friends and having fun! Also improving and learning valuable new skills, building your self esteem, making new connections. If you wish, you can track your journey through the journal you are given.
During each session students are given the opportunity to discuss and decide activities for the group.
Some topics covered within sessions include:
  • behaviours and the unwritten rules of social conduct. 
  • coping skills, anxieties
  • taking part, taking turns
  • use of appropriate conversational skills,
  • what makes a good friend 
  • finding common interests of discussion by trading information
  • how to start, continue and end conversation
  • coping skills with making mistakes/ reading emotions
  • self management, self monitoring to identify strengths
  • handling new situations, asking for help
  • internet safety
Activities include healthy eating, meal planning and cooking, budgeting, transport and trip planning, household domestic tasks / hygiene.
We are happy to offer mentoring and assistance on school projects helping with evidence for portfolios. Teacher and youth worker facilitated sessions including art & craft, computer activities,games, movie/dvd nights. A chill out zone room is available too.
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